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Chinese Twins Separated at Birth Print
SUBJECTS NEEDED: Dr. Segal is looking for Chinese twins separated at birth and their separate sets of parents, as well as Chinese twins adopted together.
PURPOSE OF STUDY: To access the behavioral similarity of separated twins. China's One-Child Policy (1980) was intended to limit family size. Given China's preference for males, many Chinese girls were abandoned and adopted internationally. Approximately 4,500 Chinese children received US visas in 2001. The adopted children included twins placed in separate families, some of whose parents became aware of their child's multiple birth status. This occurred when the parents (who traveled to China in groups) recognized the physical similarity of their prospective daughters, or later exchanged information on special websites. These twins offer a unique look at how much genes influence behavioral and physical development. Existing studies of separated twins include adults only and are retrospective-a study of these separated Chinese twin children would be the only such prospective study in the world.   Chinese twins adopted together are very much needed for comparison.
INVESTIGATOR: Nancy Segal, Ph.D.; California State University, Fullerton, Psychology Department H830M, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92834
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Contact:  657-278-2142 (phone); 657-278-4843 (fax)

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METHOD OF INVESTIGATION: The study will use general intelligence test questionnaires. Children will complete the tests and the parents will receive a report. Parents will complete several background and behavioral forms.
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