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By Beth Thome

Spanish Liaison




My name is Beth Thome and I am a first-time National Worker and the new Spanish Liaison for NOMOTC. I have my Masters degree in Spanish and have worked in the past as a bilingual caseworker and Spanish instructor. I am married to Bill and the proud mother of nine year old fraternal girl/boy twins, Melissa and Randy, and a five year old son, Jason. I have been a member of the Toledo, Ohio MOTC for nine years.


Many of you may not know that NOMOTC offers services to Spanish-speaking members. There is a Spanish link on NOMOTC's website as well. Several brochures, including Your Multiples and You, a wonderful resource for new parents of multiples and How to Organize a New Parents of Multiples Club are also available.


I would like to hear from you regarding what I can do to reach out to NOMOTC's Spanish-speaking members. For instance:


  • 1. What English materials currently produced by NOMOTC should be the first to be translated to Spanish?
  • 2. What types of materials or programs do Spanish-speaking parents of multiples think would be most beneficial?
  • 3. How can NOMOTC better support members who are Spanish-speaking and clubs with Spanish-speaking members?


I look forward to hearing from you! Hasta luego!

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