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Multiple Birth Awareness Month April 2015





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Local Community Events
There are many ways to participate at the local level during April 2015 to spread the
word and celebrate multiple births. The focus for this year is to continue to educate
our communities on the vast network of support groups that are available to assist
families with multiple birth children.
The following are ideas to assist you with planning. Multiples of America will actively
help you along the way. Beginning in September, you can visit our website at to read the latest news on National level activities. In
addition, we will be posting media kit materials that you can use in planning your
event(s), which include both local and National Press Releases and a brochure on why
to join Multiples of America.
We want to hear from you! As you begin planning your event(s), send us your
ideas. We will be mapping the events across the country to see how everyone is
participating. And, we want to share your ideas with others. Send your event
information to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Event Ideas for April 2015

  • Schedule a picnic or walk and invite members, prospects, media, and community leaders.
  •  Create a mini-fair at a club meeting, mall, school, or other public area.Research the various support services in your community that offer assistance to multiplies and have them man tables at the event.
  •  Conduct a multiple panel and invite the public to attend to hear firsthand what it is like to be a multiple.
  •  Set up a table at your local hospital and distribute materials on multiples to both staff and the public. As you are planning events, visit the Multiples of America online store at to order materials.
  •  Ask to speak at a Parent and Teachers organization meeting. If your state has recently passed legislation regarding school placement for multiples, now is a good time to cover this with educators in your community.
  • Create a media event. Schedule a "day at the park" and invite all local multiples and their families to attend and offer a photo opportunity to the media.
  •  Invite other support service groups to attend your club meeting as speakers during April.

National Multiple Birth Awareness Month
April 2015




Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples (PVMOM) hosted a Multiple Birth Awareness spring picnic in April. PopChips agreed to sponsor the picnic and provided 250 bags of chips to the event. They also provided the club an opportunity to offer a give-away in which one lucky person won a month’s supply of PopChips for their family! Thank you, PopChips!



Following is a brief summary of West Suburban’s chapter (MMOTA) activities to celebrate MULTIPLE BIRTH AWARENESS Month this past April. Our chapter sponsored a large “Early Childhood Alliance Fair” held in downtown Framingham Memorial Bldg. featuring over 40 tables of “brain building” hands-on activities and all types of hand-outs relating to early childhood education and resources including multiple birth connections and help.

A young teen-age performing group from the BOSTON MUSEUM also presented a musical program dealing with preparation for Kindergarten and various issues concerning families.The affair was very successful and a number of multiple birth families were present.  Large bright yellow carry bags were also given out to each family- with our chapters’ name and logo printed on bag.  (see picture sent separately- with tag sale pictures from Julia Russ Neff - Publicity). ‘BRAIN BUILDING” In Progress was the slogan!!

 In addition to this Fair- we held our annual large clothing and childrens’ equipment TAG SALE- displaying over 20,000 items . This is always a large fund raiser for our chapter which also gives back some cash benefits to our members.


The Michiana Parents of Multiples Club (MPOMC) shared their photo from their Multiple Birth Awareness project held at the Harris Township Public Library in Granger IN. The club had been given a display shelf to decorate for the entire month. Using three boards, the club decorated one each representing the activities of their local club, activities of their state organiation, and benefits of membership in the national organization. They also displayed bookmarks from NOMOTC that they had put stickers of their club info on the back to hand out. Members figured bookmarks at a library was a pretty great idea! They are hoping this will bring not only awareness of their club, but of the state and national organizations as well!


mba event april 2014 (mpomc-in)





The WSCMMOTA ( West Suburban Chapter Mass. Mothers of TwinsAssociation) is one of the largest club in the country with close to 500 members. Following is a list of activities we sponsored or created to celebrate MULTIPLE BIRTH AWARENESS MONTH.
(1) We set up a table of information of our club and NOMOTC at a large annual FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL with plenty of hand-outs and raffle tickets. (Over 200 people attended)
(2) We held a club food drive and donated large amounts of food and misc. to local food pantries.
(3) We sponsored a SWING INTO SPRING playdate at a local facility that had many activities for children.
(4) And we held ANNUAL TAG SALE with over 20,000 items for sale- available to all multiple birth mothers in our area. (pictures will be sent on separate email- from Julia Russ Neff) This was an enormous success with over 700 people attending and buying.






































































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