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Addressing the Issue of Multiples in Randomized Controlled Trials: Print

Addressing the Issue of Multiples in Randomized Controlled Trials: A Perspective from Multiples and Parents

SUBJECTS NEEDED:  Any type of adult multiple + parents of any type of multiples.  This study is based in Cleveland, OH, but the investigator is surveying the entire US.

PURPOSE OF STUDY: To learn what parents of multiples and adult multiples think about multiple children being enrolled in clinical research trials. The opinion of parents and multiples is important to this study. You can take these surveys whether you have or have not had children in clinical trials or been in one yourself, just as long as you are a parent of multiples or a multiple.  These answers will greatly impact future trial design and uncover the option most desirable by multiples and parents of multiples.

INVESTIGATOR:  Janine Bernardo, Medical student and researcher at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University.

Any adult multiples or parents of multiples who are interested in participating in this study should complete the online survey at the following address:

Parents of multiples survey:


Multiples survey:



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