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Information About Higher Order Multiples

Additional Tips for Parents of Triplets, Quads, or More 

Accept all offers of help! Try to schedule and coordinate all volunteers to make the optimum use of their time - this would be a good job to delegate to a friend or relative.


If your children have medical issues, consider notifying local fire/ambulance services to make sure they have your address and know how to get to your house in case of an emergency.


Discuss with your medical team if your children should receive flu shots and/or the RSV vaccine at the beginning of flu and cold season. Ask family, friends and volunteers if they could provide backup help should one or more of your children become very sick. 


Talk to your medical team and experienced parents about setting up a sleep schedule for the babies and try to develop (and stick with) a schedule that will work for your family. Caring for three, four, five or more newborns is physically exhausting - the sooner you can set up a system that works for your family, the sooner you will get some sleep and the saner your life will be.


Set up your house for convenience and organization.  


Invest in a good stroller for outings. Talk to other parents of HOMs for their equipment recommendations, including the type of vehicle they drive. You will need a larger vehicle for three or more carseats and probably various accessories.


Check into special promotions and free products offered to families of higher order multiples. Generally, companies ask that you submit copies of each child's birth certificate to qualify. Ask for discounts everywhere, including your pediatrician.


Keep a positive attitude and be prepared for some very negative comments from passersby. Decide how you will answer questions about whether you took fertility drugs, if you're having more children, and how you do it. Talk to other parents of HOMs - they can fill you in on what to expect and provide some good responses.


Take lots of photos/videos, jot down lots of notes. Try to remember as much of the fun stuff as you can - your days will go by quickly and your children will be grown before you know it!

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