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Club Link Request Form

What is a Reciprocal Link?
Links are the process by which the Multiples of America site and individual club homepages are linked or connected to each other. If you are confused, it may help to think of this as having connecting rooms in a hotel. If you open a door, it leads to the connecting room in the same way that you click on a hyperlink with your mouse and are taken to the "connecting" web site.

A reciprocal link is an understanding between Multiples of America and your club that says we will install a link to your web site IF you reciprocate by installing a link back to the Multiples of America site on your club's homepage.


Multiples of America is happy to provide the Club Link service for member clubs. To be listed on the Member Club Links page, NOMOTC requires the following:

  • Your club must be a Multiples of America member club.
  • Your club must provide a reciprocal link on the HOMEPAGE of your club's website.


Multiples of America provides linking instructions (the html code), as well as graphics for use on your club's homepage.

If your club meets the above requirements, we invite you to submit the Club Link Request form. Please complete the form and be sure to enter the complete URL or Internet address of your club's home page. (This address should begin with "http://" followed by the domain name.) When you are finished click the "submit" button.

Upon receipt of your request, we will verify your club's membership, review your club's homepage to ensure the reciprocal link is installed, and complete the installation of the link.

Club Link Request Form

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Need More Information?
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