Making the Dream of Convention a Reality

by Corrine Fisher

Marketing Coordinator



Have you always wondered what a NOMOTC convention is really like? Do you ever ponder why attendees are more tired when they return than when they left? Do you want to know what NOMOTC is really trying to accomplish? Well why not come to a convention yourself and see what the fuss is all about.


Let's face it, convention can become a big expense for a family with multiples and saving for convention is not always easy; let us begin by breaking down the actual costs.


Registration is usually around $160, which includes Wednesday activities, Thursday lunch and workshops, Friday lunch, workshops and evening entertainment, and Saturday night banquet. The hotel runs about $120 per night, if staying Wednesday through Sunday that will total four nights for $480, so having a roommate is important! NOMOTC can help attendees find a roommate for convention. It is a great way to meet new friends that you will probably hang out with every year thereafter. If four members share a room the cost would be drastically reduced, to approximately $150 (after taxes) for the week. Flying can cost as much as $300-$400 round trip. You will also need a little spending money; plan a generous amount of $30 per day. That is $120 plus a little extra to spend at Showcase, so you may need $220 spending dollars, so the grand total would be $830. Now, to find a way to get it!


Most clubs have special fundraisers to help raise money to go to attend state conventions. Ask your club to set aside a little of that money to help you represent them at an NOMOTC convention! In these fundraisers all of the money that you raise goes into a special fund that the club holds. This can help pay for your registration and hotel if enough cash is raised. Some clubs budget a certain amount to be spent annually to send a delegate to the NOMOTC Convention.


If you are going on your own it is easy to save. If you began saving November 1, 2006 until June 10, 2007 (registration deadline) you'd have 192 days. You would only need to save $4.33 per day. That is one less fast food meal or one less latte per day in exchange for a week of fun, learning, and great experiences.


If you are a national worker you will receive a small discount. The expenses listed above do not include tours which are optional. Your club may already help send people to the annual NOMOTC convention. If not, encourage your club to at least help pay for registration expenses. After all, you are representing your club at convention and have the wonderful opportunity to network and bring back valuable resources to benefit your club and its members. For a little less than five dollars a day you can have an experience that will give you a better understanding of NOMOTC as well as about 300 more friends!