Study of Twins with Special Needs

SUBJECTS NEEDED: Mothers, fathers and other caretakers of twins, in which one or both twins have special needs;  all ages and all twin types are accepted.

LOCATION: USA and Canada

PURPOSE OF STUDY:This study will help researchers to better identify the unmet needs of families who have twins with special needs.  The public also needs to be informed about the unique aspects of twinship.  Results from this study can teach us a great deal about the relevant care, emotional support and financial concerns that families are not receiving. We can also learn more about 1) services that are important to maintain, and 2) the impact of having a special needs co-twin on the unaffected twin.  

INVESTIGATOR: Nancy Segal, Ph.D.; California State University, Fullerton, Psychology Department, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton, CA 92834

Contact:  657-278-2142 (phone); 657-278-4843 (fax)

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METHOD OF INVESTIGATION: Questionnaire - sent by email.  It cam be completed online and returned as an attachment, mailed back or faxed.