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Multiple Birth Awareness Month April 2014





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Local Community Events

There are many ways to participate at the local level during April 2014 to spread the word and celebrate multiple births.  The focus for this year is to continue to educate our communities on the vast network of support groups that are available to assist families with multiple birth children.


The following are ideas to assist you with planning.  Multiples of America will actively help you along the way.  Beginning in September, you can visit our website at www.nomotc.org/mba  to read the latest news on National level activities.  In addition, we will be posting media kit materials that you can use in planning your event(s), which include both local and National Press Releases and a brochure on why to join Multiples of America. 


We want to hear from you!   As you begin planning your event(s), send us your ideas.  We will be mapping the events across the country to see how everyone is participating.  And, we want to share your ideas with others.  Send your event information to:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


Event Ideas for April 2014

· Schedule a picnic or walk and invite members, prospects, media, and community leaders.

· Create a mini-fair at a club meeting,  mall, school, or other public area.  Research the various support services in your community that offer assistance to multiplies and have them man tables at the event. 

· Conduct a multiple panel and invite the public to attend to hear first hand what it is like to be a multiple.

· Set up a table at your local hospital and  distribute materials on multiples to both staff and the public.  As you are planning events, visit the Multiples of America online store at  www.multiplesofamerica.org to order materials.

· Ask to speak at a Parent and Teachers organization meeting.   If your state has recently passed legislation regarding school placement for multiples, now is a good time to cover this with educators in your community.  Create a media event.  Schedule a “day at the park” and invite all local multiples and their families to attend and offer a photo opportunity to the media.

· Invite other support service groups to attend your club meeting as speakers during April.







Paradise Valley Mothers of Multiples (PVMOM) hosted a Multiple Birth Awareness spring picnic in April. PopChips agreed to sponsor the picnic and provided 250 bags of chips to the event. They also provided the club an opportunity to offer a give-away in which one lucky person won a month’s supply of PopChips for their family! Thank you, PopChips!




Following is a brief summary of West Suburban’s chapter (MMOTA) activities to celebrate MULTIPLE BIRTH AWARENESS Month this past April. Our chapter sponsored a large “Early Childhood Alliance Fair” held in downtown Framingham Memorial Bldg. featuring over 40 tables of “brain building” hands-on activities and all types of hand-outs relating to early childhood education and resources including multiple birth connections and help.


A young teen-age performing group from the BOSTON MUSEUM also presented a musical program dealing with preparation for Kindergarten and various issues concerning families.The affair was very successful and a number of multiple birth families were present.  Large bright yellow carry bags were also given out to each family- with our chapters’ name and logo printed on bag.  (see picture sent separately- with tag sale pictures from Julia Russ Neff - Publicity). ‘BRAIN BUILDING” In Progress was the slogan!!


 In addition to this Fair- we held our annual large clothing and childrens’ equipment TAG SALE- displaying over 20,000 items . This is always a large fund raiser for our chapter which also gives back some cash benefits to our members.




The Michiana Parents of Multiples Club (MPOMC) shared their photo from their Multiple Birth Awareness project held at the Harris Township Public Library in Granger IN. The club had been given a display shelf to decorate for the entire month. Using three boards, the club decorated one each representing the activities of their local club, activities of their state organiation, and benefits of membership in the national organization. They also displayed bookmarks from NOMOTC that they had put stickers of their club info on the back to hand out. Members figured bookmarks at a library was a pretty great idea! They are hoping this will bring not only awareness of their club, but of the state and national organizations as well!


mba event april 2014 (mpomc-in)



 LOCAL CLUBS - 2013 Events



 The Bakersfield Families of Multiples (BFOM) hosted a MBA event at The Wild Fun Center in Bakersfield, CA on April 21, 2013. All Kern County multiple birth families are invited to join us for four hours of free play time at the fun center and refreshments and information about our club will be provided.


Check out this news video which includes interviews with BFOM members.

Des Moines Mothers of Multiples of Iowa celebrated Multiple Birth Awareness month Friday April 19, 2013 with the Iowa Cubs at Principal park. Three sets of twins will be threw out the first pitch and all multiples in the crowd will be recognized. We will also play multiple birth trivia on the scoreboard before the game and between innings. The night will be capped off with a fireworks event sure to dazzle even the grown-ups.
April 24, 2013, Governor Terry Branstad declared it Multiple Birth Awareness Month in the state of Iowa. Surrounded by Twins, Triplets and Quads, the governor will sign a proclamation in the presence of many multiple families and state media outlets.
The WSCMMOTA ( West Suburban Chapter Mass. Mothers of TwinsAssociation) is one of the largest club in the country with close to 500 members. Following is a list of activities we sponsored or created to celebrate MULTIPLE BIRTH AWARENESS MONTH.
(1) We set up a table of information of our club and NOMOTC at a large annual FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL with plenty of hand-outs and raffle tickets. (Over 200 people attended)
(2) We held a club food drive and donated large amounts of food and misc. to local food pantries.
(3) We sponsored a SWING INTO SPRING playdate at a local facility that had many activities for children.
(4) And we held ANNUAL TAG SALE with over 20,000 items for sale- available to all multiple birth mothers in our area. (pictures will be sent on separate email- from Julia Russ Neff) This was an enormous success with over 700 people attending and buying.

 Capitol Area Mothers of Multiples Events


  Capitol Area MOMS Local Events Flyer


The Capitol Area Mothers of Multiples club is sponsoring a series of events in celebration of Multiple Birth Awareness Month. Please join us for some, or all events!


Wednesday April 10th 7-9pm
Regular CAMOMC meeting at Sparrow Professional Building, 1215 E. Michigan Avenue in Lansing, Room G on the 2nd Floor. If you’re expecting multiples, raising multiples or are an alumni of the group founded in 1973, please join us! We’ll have refreshments, our usual “Multiple Mania” Q & A, and will be making care bags for moms of multiples whose babies are in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sparrow Hospital.


Friday April 12th 5:00-7:00pm
Jumpin Jax Indoor Inflatables
1475 Lake Lansing Road Lansing, MI 48912.

A special $4 per child rate will be offered for families with multiples, please join us for this fun family monthly activity. Please RSVP*** by Wednesday April 10th so Jumpin Jax can plan for appropriate staffing levels.

Saturday April 20th 10:00-1:00pm

at Impression 5 Science Center at 200 Museum Drive in Lansing. Check out the newly renovated museum and the fantastic exhibits. By special arrangement, adults get in free, kids are $4 and CAMOMC families get $10 off a family membership. Please RSVP*** by April 17 so Impression 5 can plan for appropriate staffing levels. At 12:30 pm there will be a Light workshop for an additional $2 per child. Hope to see you there!


Saturday April 27th 10am

March for Babies begins at Buchard Park 220 E. Maple in Lansing. All families with multiples and any of their friends and family, who'd like to join our club in the annual March For Babies, please go to our team site
www.marchforbabies.org/team/t1879848 and sign up. If you won't be able to walk with us but would like to donate, you can also do that from our site.


Saturday May 4th 9am-2pm

CAMOMC Garage Sale at St. David Episcopal Church 1519 Elmwood Road, Lansing, MI 48917. You’ll find beautiful children’s clothing of all sizes at the
semi-annual CAMOMC garage sale. Everyone Welcome! The clothing is neatly organized in a department store style by size and gender to
make shopping easy! A must see for new parents to be, and seasoned parents looking for a bargain! No early sales, cash only

 The Waukesha Mothers of Twins Club in Waukesha, Wisconsin, are donating books to new twin moms at our local hospital. We hold our meeting at Waukesha Memorial Hospital and will donate approximately 50 twin-themed books, which the labor and delivery unit will give to moms who deliver twins at the hospital. Our course, our club information will be tucked inside! This will be our third year of making donations to new twin moms in April for Multiple Birth Awareness Month.



LOCAL CLUBS - 2012 Events



 Capitol Area Mothers of Multiples Events


 Capitol Area MOMS Local Events Flyer


Capitol Area MOMS Statewide Event - April 7, 2012 - Flyer 

New Jersey

Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples (RVMOM)


2012 Multiple Birth Awareness Program


Event #1


In the spirit of Multiple Birth Awareness, The Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples (RVMOM), which services central New Jersey, is co-sponsoring with Saint Peter’s University Hospital of New Brunswick, NJ, for the first time, a community outreach Speaker Forum and Q&A.  The program, which is free and open to the public, will be held Wednesday, April 25, 2012 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m at Saint Peter’s University Hospital in the Sister Marie de Pazzi Conference Center, 254 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901. The program is for members of the central New Jersey community who are new parents or expectant parents/caregivers of multiples.  The panel will consist of a psychiatrist, parent educator, NICU nurse, an early intervention specialist as well as a few seasoned parents from RVMOM who have had their own unique parenting experiences.  Some of the topics will include: the importance of prenatal care, coping bed rest, infant care and feeding, neonatal intensive care, post partum, early intervention, school placement as well as the day-to-day concerns that impact caregiving to multiples.  The program will dedicate most of the time to questions and answers and will also address the benefits of associating with a local multiples club and having the resources of NOMOTC.  In addition, RVMOM will also provide information about RVMOM, NOMOTC and Saint Peter’s University Hospital.  To register for the program, please contact the parenting education office at Saint Peter’s University Hospital at 732-745-8579.


Saint Peter’s University Hospital, an arm of Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, is a state-designated acute care children's hospital, providing a full range of specialized pediatric healthcare services, including one of the most sophisticated maternity programs, delivering as many as 6,100 newborns annually. The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital operates one of the largest and most advanced neonatal intensive care units in the country as part of the hospital’s state-designation as a Regional Perinatal Center.


RVMOM, as part of National Multiple Birth Awareness and its 50th anniversary celebration, and in conjunction with Saint Peter’s University Hospital, is proud to

co-provide this community educational and support program in a geographic area that crosses all demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds.


RVMOM Speaker Forum and Q&A Flyer 


Event #2


Also in the spirit of Multiple Birth Awareness, The Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples, along with other NOMOTC clubs throughout New Jersey, will participate in the March of Dimes March for Babies on Sunday, April 29 at Johnson Park in Piscataway, NJ beginning at 9:00 AM.  RVMOM is marching for babies to support the March of Dimes.  The March of Dimes-funded research milestones include: the establishment of the first NICU – utilized by so many multiples’ families - to care for premature babies, the discovery of the polio vaccine, and new born screening and care, which benefits all newborn babies. With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies which is traditionally held in April, the March of Dimes continues to work to improve the health of babies with the goal of increasing the odds, on a daily basis, of having more healthy babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality.  For the most current resources available and information on the March for Babies, visit www.MarchofDimes.com or nacersano.org.



Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples raises awareness of mutiple births
The Messenger-Gazette
Posted: 04/02/2012 1:47 PM

Hillsborough- Elizabeth A. Miller, MPA, Hillsborough resident, was appointed as publicity coordinator for the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs Inc. (NOMOTC), the parent organization for the Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples (RVMOM). In this role, Miller is responsible for publicizing events that relate to the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. as well as those that pertain to its local member clubs, including the Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples, of which Ms. Miller is a member and chair of the club’s National Multiple Birth Awareness Month committee.


In April, NOMOTC, and member clubs (including RVMOM) throughout the country will celebrate the 4th National Multiple Birth Awareness Month to raise awareness of the increase in multiple births and the rewarding yet challenging journey families of multiples may face. Pam Krell, President of NOMOTC, says —”Our goal is to create a focus and forum for raising the awareness of multiple births (and the concerns and potential issues that may be experienced due to a multiple birth) throughout our local communities.


According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some of the more alarming statistics regarding multiple birth rates and trends in the United States include:

• High Risk of Adverse Outcome for Multiple Births: One out of every 8 twins and one of every 3 triplets is born at less than 32 weeks of gestation. By comparison, fewer than 2 of every 100 singletons are born at less than 32 weeks. The average twin weighs 2 lbs less than the average singleton at birth; triplets typically weigh about ½ that of infants in singleton deliveries.

• Death during infancy is much more common for Multiple Birth Children: Death during infancy among twins (29.8 per 1,000) and triplets (59.6 per 1,000) is much more common than among singletons (6.0 per 1,000). The shorter gestational age at birth and smaller size of multiples leave them 8 times as likely to die within the first month of life.

• Multiple birth rates tend to rise with increasing maternal age: Between 1980 and 2006, twin birth rates rose 27 percent for mothers under age 20, compared with 80 percent for women in their thirties, and a whopping 190 percent for mothers aged 40 and over.

Because multiple birth rates have risen 70 percent from 1980 to 2004, more families are faced with issues and challenges that only pertain to delivering and raising two, three or more children of the same age at the same time. Together with its service partners, such as the Fetal Hope Foundation, NOMOTC and its local chapters will use National Multiple Birth Awareness Month to spread awareness about facts, trends, and issues and concerns that multiple birth families face on a daily basis. These issues and concerns include high risk pregnancy and pre-term labor; fetal issues such as TTTS or Twin-to-Twin-Transfusion Syndrome; prematurity and other physical problems associated with prematurity; twins with special needs; the increased demands of parenting multiples; school placement and identity issues.


On a local level, Miller and the Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples is spreading awareness of multiple births and related facts, trends and issues through a specialized speaker forum co-sponsored with and hosted by Saint Peters University Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ, on Wednesday, April 25, from 7– 9 PM. The program is free and open to the public and is inviting expectant and new parents/caregivers of multiples to attend the speaker forum to obtain information and get questions answered by healthcare professionals and a few seasoned multiples’ parents who have had their own unique parenting experiences. (To register for the program, please contact the parenting education office at Saint Peter’s University Hospital at 732-745-8579.)


Also in the spirit of Multiple Birth Awareness, The Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples, along with other NOMOTC clubs throughout New Jersey, will participate in the March of Dimes March for Babies on Sunday, April 29 at Johnson Park in Piscataway beginning at 9:00 AM. RVMOM is marching for Babies to support the March of Dimes who helped to regionalize NICUs – utilized by so many multiples’ families – which set the gold standard in hospitals through the country. The March Dimes also funded research that led to the polio vaccine, advocated for the screening for newborns and continues to raise money for research that helps increase the odds, on a daily basis, of having healthy babies.


For more information on the March of Dimes March for Babies go to www.MarchofDimes.com and to join a March for Babies event, visit marchforbabies.org .


For more information about local NJ events regarding the 4th Annual National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, visit the www.bigtent.com/groups/rvmom


For more information about national events, regarding the 4th Annual National Multiple Birth Awareness Month, visit the NOMOTC website at: www.nomotc.org


About RVMOM: The Raritan Valley Mothers of Multiples, a nonprofit member organization of NOMOTC, was founded in 1962 and supports local families by providing information and education, networking, support, as well as research and other resources to assist in raising multiples.  THe club is comprised of more than 110 members throughout central New Jersey and surrounding areas.  The club currently has 22 members that reside in Hillsborough.  For more information about RVMOM visit: www.bigtent.com
















Multiple Birth Awareness events from Valley Forge Mothers of Twins & Triplets Club in PA

Throughout the month of April 2012, VFMOTTC will have a display at the Upper Merion Township building displaying the three levels of multiples’ organizations; our local club, VFMOTTC, our state organization, POMOMC, and our national organization, NOMOTC along with various other multiple related items, photos, stories, paraphanila. We will again be celebrating Multiple Birth Awareness month at a Reading Phillies game on April 22nd. At the end of the month members will be attending the POMOMC State convention in King of Prussia that our club is hosting at The Doubletree. The First Annual Mother of Multiples 5K Run & Fun Walk is to take place on May 6th at 9am at the Wilson Farm Park in Wayne. We are continuing our celebration of Multiple Birth Awareness month into May with this walk joining mothers of multiples along with friends and family to support VFMOTTC.

Again Senator Leach recognized Multiple Birth Awareness month with announcing the PA Resolution #282. It passed unaniamously. So April is Multiple Birth Awareness month in PA. Thanks Senator Leach!






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