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ICATS – Same-Sex Twin Imaging Study (Brain MRI)

Antonio Hardan, M.D.

 CaTS Study Flyer  Elizabeth G. Damato, PhD, RN and Donna A. Dowling, PhD, RN

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Additional Outside Researchers


Title of Study


Pathogenic Studies in Families with Twins or Siblings Discordant for Systemic Rheumatic Disorders

Frederick W. Miller, M.D., Ph.D., Clinical Research Program and Principal Investigator

Chinese Twins Separated at Birth

Nancy Segal, Ph.D.

Adult Twins Who Are Parents Study Nancy Segal, Ph.D.

Study of Twins with Special Needs

Nancy Segal, Ph.D.

Addressing the Issue of Multiples in Randomized Controlled Trials

Janine Bernardo

National Institutes of Health Twin Study

Jay Giedd, M.D

Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry

Judy Silberg, Ph.D.

The Loss of a Twin in Childhood and Adolescence - Behavioral Significance and a Program for Intervention

Nancy Segal, Ph.D.

 Virtual Twin Study
Nancy Segal, Ph.D.
 Learning and Motivational Style
Barry Tarter with Exact Information
 Twin Brain and Behavior Research Project Dr Yang