Welcome to the wonderful world of multiples! If you are expecting twins, triplets or more, or have recently given birth, caring for two or more babies can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Let us help you connect with a local parents of multiples club for networking and support.


Multiples of America is a network of local parents of multiples clubs across the United States. Most clubs meet monthly to discuss the care and development of multiple birth children, as well as other topics of interest. Clothing and equipment exchanges and club libraries are another big benefit of joining a local club.


There are two ways to become a member of Multiples of America. One is to become a member of your local Multiples of America-affiliated club. If there is no club near you or you are an educator or health care professional, you can join Multiples of America as an individual or professional affiliate.


We hope YOU or YOUR CLUB will want to join with Multiples of America members nationwide to increase awareness of the special aspects of multiple birth children and their families!


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Overall Benefits

  • To understand the core of the benefits of membership in Multiples of America (aka National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs), you need understand Multiples of America's Mission Statement:

The Multiples of America aka NOMOTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education, research, and networking.  In partnering with local support groups, health care providers, researchers, and educators, and with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism, we endeavor to aid parents of multiples and to raise public awareness of the unique qualities of multiple birth families.

  • Multiples of America has history of 53 years of support, education, research

a)     This continuity as an organization is a benefit. It gives us creditability, respect and recognition in the public and in the Media.

                                               i.          We are constantly contacted by the Media, casting directors, researchers and public for our expertise and knowledge regarding of all things multiple births

                                             ii.          Marketing and Publicity - national exposure of multiple birth issues as well as additional credibility, press releases and marketing materials, use of our brand

b)     Multiples of America is the spokesperson and face of multiple births for local member clubs

c)     National publicity regarding Multiple Birth topics/issues. Media comes to our organization for information, research, statistics, etc.

d)     Offers local clubs and members an opportunity to be a part of a larger group than local clubs or state organizations nationwide

e)     Being a Part of the Larger Good

Our organization helps parents of multiples find clubs, start clubs, find resources, helps media to find information/statistics, helps casting agents find clients for movies, ads etc. And it helps researchers find subjects for their research. Multiples and Twins in general are the perfect research subject as there is an automatic control subject. Research helps the public in general and leads to finding causes and cures of many diseases and other medical issues. We can help make a difference with our participation in research

f)      Learn best practices of member and club support and education through our 53 years of experience


  • Multiples of America is a collective charter member of the International Society for Twin Studies (ISTS) and member of the International Council of Multiple Birth Organizations (ICOMBO). This gives us international credibility and the opportunity to network with these international organizations.

a)     Multiples of America/NOMOTC is known internationally by researchers and by other international Multiple Birth Organizations.

b)     We have the opportunity to connect with other multiple parents through international organizations that we partner with. Together, we work to educate non-multiply blessed families on the joys, trials, and tribulations of raising multiples.

c)     We have assisted with important research and surveys including Depression in Post-Partum Mothers of Multiples, Incontinence in Mothers of Multiples Post Pregnancy Complications and Delivering Multiples (international survey).


  • Parents of multiples that do not have clubs in their area can become a member as an Affiliate. They get support, education, and resources to help them be the best parent of multiples they can be


  • Broadening Our Reach to Local MOMs on the National level.

We come from so many different backgrounds and finding those friends and support through Convention or articles in Notebook allows everyone to see that they too can survive and succeed parenting multiples from pregnancy, to infancy, to school-age to adults.  We can find information from someone who has "been there and done that" In our 20,000 members.


  • Education of Multiple Birth Children

This is the number one topic that information is requested from Multiples of America

a)     Multiples of America/NOMOTC has been one of the main organizations that aided in developing surveys on how best education MB children and gathered information and the research on keeping multiples together or separating them in classrooms.

b)     We have assisted supplying information so that states pass "Twin Laws" that give the parents the right to have a say in whether multiples should be together in same classroom and that no policy is the best policy when it comes to deciding this.

c)     We have aided in educating the educators and administrators on multiple birth children. We have given a voice to parents to stand up to school officials by giving them research and information to show them

d)     We offer members information so that they can have a voice in political structures for support in school systems, daycare and in the medical environment through research. Using our research and research data we have compiled enables members to have the documentation to provide what is best for each multiple and each family.


  • Multiples of America/NOMOTC has published a book (Twins to Quints), booklets (Education of Multiple Birth Children) and pamphlets (Your Multiples and You) that give information to the public and parents of multiples. This gives us creditability and legitimizes the concerns of parenting multiples and gives all affiliated with our organization more recognition and respect


Club Benefits

  • Growth of local club's membership through "Find a local club" database located on Multiples of America website (www.multiplesofamerica.org).


Each year thousands of prospective parents of multiples looking for local clubs click on our Search for a Club and Find a Local Club (total page views for year 2013 - 31,367 and 16,866 respectively). As a member club of Multiples of America, your club and club contacts are listed in our database. When a prospective parent of multiples puts their zip code or city in the Find a Local Club area, links to a listing of local clubs and their websites are pulled up. They can contact Multiples of America's Executive Office for club contacts. We don't put club contacts on our website to protect local club's privacy. In 2013, 5988 requests and hundreds of phone calls were processed through our Executive Office to assist and give out contact information about finding a local club.


  •  Multiples of America assists parents of multiples in organizing a local club through our pamphlet "How to Organize a Club" (HTO) which we send out by request.


Our Membership Committee is available to assist with questions or help problem solve throughout the organizing process and after a new club is formed. The Membership Committee keeps in contact with prospective new clubs at initial request of HTO, at 3 month and 6 month to offer assistance. Once a new club is formed, the Membership Committee keeps in contact at first month and third month. After that, any questions or need for assistance will be handled by Membership Department


  • Resources available to assist local clubs in running their club

a)     Club Tips for Local Club Presidents; Club Tips for Treasurers; Club Tips for Membership Chairman; Club Tips for National Reps; Club Tips for Secretary; Club Tips for Newsletter Editors; and Club Tips for Program Chairman; Club Tips for Installing Officers.*

b)     Club Tips in Handling School Issues; Club Tips for Keeping Experienced MOMs as Members; Club Tips for Social Media Policies; Club Tips for Smaller Clubs; Club Tips for Electronic Communications and Internet; Club Tips for Tough Issues Groups Face; Club Tips for Bereavement Support; Club Tips for Group Exemption. *

*Please note that Multiples of America's Club Tips are in the process of being updated however the original Club Tips are posted in Members Only.


  • Group Exemption Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Status Under Multiples of America's Umbrella
    As a member club, your club can receive 501(c)(3) status through Multiples of America/NOMOTC as a subordinate chapter/club. Plus, your club gains the advantage of avoiding individual application for exemption. This tax status and the benefits it accords are not automatic, though. Documents must be filed every year by every club requesting this status. Multiples of America/NOMOTC is then required to submit information on behalf of each of its subordinate chapters (clubs). Multiples of America/NOMOTC reports any changes in purpose, character or method of operation, changes in name or address, and any withdrawals and/or additions of subordinate chapters.

 With Multiples of America/NOMOTC's classification, its subordinates receive the following benefits:

a)     The IRS will recognize your club as a subordinate chapter of Multiples of America/NOMOTC with

b)     Assignment of a Group Exemption Number (GEN).

c)     With this ruling, subordinates may receive gifts and donations that are tax deductible by donors.

d)      A subordinate may apply for state tax exemption, if applicable. Most states will not classify a local chapter for sales tax exemption, unless federal exemption has already been granted.

e)      If club mailings are 200 or more pieces, a subordinate may apply for postal nonprofit rates, a substantial savings from regular bulk postal rates.

f)       Officers and committee chairmen can deduct out-of-pocket expenses in personal

income tax returns, including mileage in conducting business. Further information for individuals is available in the IRS 1040 Packet, under instructions for Schedule A (contributions).

g)     Multiples of America/ NOMOTC will complete the Form 990-N, e-Postcard, on behalf of clubs with gross receipts less than $50K. Clubs with gross receipts exceeding $50K are required to file Form 990 and will thus meet the reporting requirements related to

Form 990 -N. (For the definition of gross receipts, contact the Executive Office This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )


  • Multiples of America's Website

The website provides documents to help club officers/board members with tips for their positions, information regarding acquiring and maintaining membership, bereavement support and social media. There is also information on Multiple Birth Awareness Month, Multiples of America's Publicity, or Online Store with a discount for members, and a library that includes a vast bibliography and comprehensive listing famous parents of multiples. Additionally, there is the section on Multiple Information including sections for Expecting Multiples, Multiple Birth Facts, Incidence of Multiple Births and Multiple Birth Links and Resources and much more.


  • Access to Members Only section of our website www.multiplesofamerica.org with information and resources available to all members in one convenient location including:

a)     Dues Renewal guidelines/forms and dues payment via PayPal

b)     Membership forms to aid in joining or renewing membership

c)     Group Exemption guidelines and forms

d)     Multiples of America Department information and forms

e)     State Organization Directory including state convention information

f)      Monthly newsletter "Multiple Messages" with Multiples of America events and updates on what is happening in our departments

g)     Member of Year Honorees guidelines and forms- to recognize your club's Member of the Year

h)     Multiples of America Bylaws and Standing Rules posted to assist local clubs in developing or revising their own Bylaws/Standing Rules

i)      Research Reports - a synopsis of research surveys done by Multiples of America and professional research studies done by outside researchers that involve or are about multiples. Currently we have 111 Research Reports and this continues to grow.

j)      Archived Multiples of America Notebook including E-Mag links to view at member's convenience


  • Parliamentarian
    Access to Multiples of America's Parliamentarian (who is a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians) is able to personally talk to members and help clubs who have questions or have issues with members or with its officers. Parliamentarian can work as a mediator and neutral party to help with resolution.


  • Media Connection
    From casting calls to Multiple Birth Awareness Month, clubs benefit from the resources provided to their members with press releases and events that families can attend and getting the public involved in


  • Marketing and Publicity for your Club

National exposure for your local club as well as credibility, press releases and marketing materials and the use of our brand


  • Multiples of America's Executive Office (EO)

a)     Professional administrative office. The EO is the first impression that the public, researchers and media receives for our organization and its local club members.

b)     The EO provides information and assistance to new members and current members.

c)     EO provides consistency for all paperwork including for Group Exemption, Dues Renewals, Electronic Mailings to Clubs and club referrals for new members


  • Research Opportunities
    The club benefits with participation and developing ideas for research they can conduct amongst their members


  • Membership Support Coordinators

a)     Membership Support Coordinators including Higher Order Multiples Coordinator, Special Needs Coordinator, Single Parent Coordinator, Bereavement Coordinator, and Affiliate Member Coordinator are available to all clubs and members. Majority of smaller clubs do not have members with experience in all these areas and need our vast membership and its experience to offer assist and resources. Even large clubs who typically have these type support positions as part of their officers, will see there is definitely added value when extra support is needed.  Think of a rare diagnosis or adoption of multiples or having multiple multiples. Having 20,000 members allows us to give information, support and resources that many local clubs cannot offer.

  • Multiples of America EDGE/Endowment Special Fund Grants

Clubs can apply for a special grant for projects that they would like funding assistance with. Tip Sheet for applying for grants are located in Members Only section.


  • Sharing Ideas from Club-to-Club

a)     Annual Multiples of America Convention offers share shops and workshops for clubs to attend (open to all members) including:

                                               i.          Club Networking Share Shop gives a forum to clubs for networking, problem solving and sharing of ideas for fundraising, keeping members, club functions, dealing with tough issues/members, etc.

                                             ii.          National Rep Share Shop that allows the club's National Rep and other club members to network and share ideas

                                           iii.          State Networking Share Shop gives the opportunity for State Organizations and those that are interested in developing a State Organization the chance to meet with other state organizations from around the country to network, share ideas, and problem solve.

                                           iv.          Development of webinars on various topics in near future


  • Club to Club Support

a)     300 local member clubs to receive support and information from

b)     Easy connecting of clubs through Multiples of America. When disaster or tragedy strikes, Multiples of America is able to help clubs connect with the clubs in those areas to offer support and assistance. When the tornado went through Moore OK last year, so many clubs wanted to help and were able to easily connect because of our national membership.


  • Ideas for Club Issues/Events

a)     Ideas can be found in the quarterly Multiples of America's Notebook magazine through informative articles and in the column "Member Club Spotlight" which highlights various club events from around the country

b)     Social Media

        i. Six Multiples of America/NOMOTC Facebook pages including:

       ii.  Multiples of America Twitter

  •   Together We Can Accomplish So Much More Than One Club Can

a)     A small number of member clubs feel they have all they need to support  their parents of multiples in their community. However, for the majority of our  member clubs out there, this is not the case and frankly is not the case for 100% for ANY club.  As much as we want to help those in our own club, the bigger picture is that together we can accomplish so much more than one our own. Together we can work on programs, support, resources and education to make us both even more successful.

b)     With our 53 years of experience, we can offer more support and             information. So when we collaborate with local member clubs, we can do so much  more for our parents of multiples, media, researchers and the public.

c)     These ideas of support, education and research can be extremely helpful to the both large and small clubs around the nation.

Individual Benefits

  • Support, Education, Research from Multiples of America's 20,000 members and 300 local clubs and 53 years of experience, credibility, recognition and programs and publications


  • Membership Support Coordinators

Membership Support Coordinators including Higher Order Multiples Coordinator, Special Needs Coordinator, Single Parent Coordinator, Bereavement Coordinator, and Affiliate Member Coordinator are available to all clubs and members.


  • Social Media

a)     For those that are unable to connect face-to-face or want more opportunities to connect, the private and public groups available on Facebook (and soon on other social media sites) have shown to be very beneficial to the individual member. There, they can seek advice from thousands of parents that know what they are going through versus the 20 or 100 they have in their local club.


  • Volunteering on the National Level

a)     Opportunity to give back to other parents of multiples by becoming a National Worker

b)     Challenging oneself by volunteering in National Worker positions when you have done all the volunteering in your club and state organization that you can

c)     Inter-Generational Connections and Friendships. Getting involved and volunteering not only affords a feeling of self-accomplishment, but it also provides the link between families that are on the same plane in your journey of raising multiples as well as those who have already had those experiences. You benefit from those who have children in school as well as those who have great grandchildren. Each season carries its own challenges, and without the wisdom the veteran parents can impart, we are left fumbling along and desperately wishing for that advice.

d)     Developing new skills and learning new tasks are available


  • Our Quarterly Magazine, Multiples of America's Notebook, is Mailed to Every Member

a)     The themes and articles in the Notebook cover a larger scale outlook for members. Topics cover almost anything you can imagine from pregnancy, through infancy, years in school, and moving on. Plus, other benefits for individuals are the book reviews, advertising geared to parents of multiples, worldwide research opportunities with outside researchers to participate in.

b)     Notebook alone is worth $10 a year membership dues. It is about the price of one Starbucks Latte or two McDonald's Happy Meals. That is a small price for such a high caliber, award winning magazine that is full of information, education and research besides all the other benefits listed here for a year's worth of support, information, education and research


  • Website

a)     The Multiples of America website offers a wide range of information and resources to members. There are books and pamphlets available for purchase at a discount for members

b)     Multiple Messages keeps you connected to each department on a monthly basis.

c)     Casting calls are available on the website.


  • Research Opportunities Available

a)     Not only participating in surveys, but finding out the results are interesting and can help members discover facts and advice in raising multiples


  • Specialized Experiences

a)     There are resources and connections for the single parents, special needs, higher order multiples, and bereavement support


  • Casting Call Opportunities

a)     Provide opportunities for members to get involved in TV shows/interviews, Movies etc.


  • Annual Conventions

a)     With a new location around the nation each year, convention is a great opportunity for a networking trip, educational trip, a friend getaway or family vacation. Many members do any of those listed each year.


  • Paying it Forward

a)     Being a member allows you to give back to those who may not know that our type of support exist (local clubs, state and National organizations)

b)     To offer help support all parents of multiples as a thank you for all the support you received as your children were growing

c)     Being with members from around the country who are in the same situation as you. You will network with those who have the same age multiples or who have already experienced what you may be seeking advice on.

d)     Passing along the bonds, relationships and friendships countrywide that you have made with families of multiples.

e)     To assist the new parents of multiples by giving back to them.


All these benefits and more for just $10 a year. Being a member of Multiples of America is a wonderful deal and great value to both clubs and individuals. 


If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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